Amber Heard

Amber Heard

Amber Laura Heard known as Amber Heard, is an American actress and model. She born April 22, 1986. She made her film debut in acclaimed sports drama Friday Night Lights, starring Billy Bob Thornton. After small roles in North Country and Alpha Dog, Heard played her first leading role in All the Boys Love Mandy Lane and appeared in The CW television show Hidden Palms. By this post you get Amber Heard HD photos and Amber Heard latest photos. Her breakthrough came in 2008 with roles in Never Back Down and Pineapple Express. Amber Heard was awarded with Breakthrough Award at Young Hollywood Awards. Amber Heard got widespread attention after her appearance in films such as The Informers, The Stepfather, Zombieland and The Joneses. Heard next starred in John Carpenter’s The Ward, alongside Nicolas Cage in Drive Angry, and alongside Johnny Depp in The Rum Diary, for which she won a Spotlight Award at Hollywood Film Festival. Her recent films include Paranoia, Machete Kills and 3 Days to Kill. While in Los Angeles, She made appearances in several TV shows and two music videos, Kenny Chesney’s “There Goes My Life” and Eisley’s “I Wasn’t Prepared”. Amber Heard was cast as Liz in the pilot episode of The WB’s Jack & Bobby (2004), as Riley in an episode of The Mountain (2004) and Heard had a brief cameo as a salesgirl in The O.C. (2005). Her first movie role was Maria in Friday Night Lights (2004), starring Billy Bob Thornton. Based on actual events, the movie was both a commercial and critical success. Amber Heard next starred as Shay in Side FX (2005), an independent horror film, and had supporting roles, Price to Pay (2006) and You Are Here (2006). She had a more prominent role in Niki Caro’s North Country (2005) where she played teenage Josey, Charlize Theron’s character whom Amber is fan of. also appeared in a minor role in Nick Cassavetes’ Alpha Dog (2006). In the same year, Amber Heard starred in an episode of Criminal Minds as Lila Archer, a love interest of main character Spencer Reid. In the October 2009 issue of Teen Vogue, She described her role as Johnny Depp’s love interest in the film, The Rum Diary, as “the best experience of my life.” In February 2010, Heard was cast in Drive Angry, a 3-D action thriller directed by Patrick Lussier and released in February 2011. Prominent film critic Roger Ebert stated in his review for Drive Angry that Amber “do everything that can possibly be done” with her character. In February 2011, she appeared on Top Gear in the UK. Amber Heard talked about her love of guns and muscle cars, and revealed that she used to line-dance in Texas bars. Amber Heard later appeared in Machete Kills, Paranoia and 3 Days to Kill, which was a box office success. She also starred in Syrup, a film based on the novel by Max Barry who called Heard “amazing” and that she “annihilated that character. In a good way.” She came out in 2010, at GLAAD’s 25th anniversary event, but has stated, “I don’t label myself one way or another I have had successful relationships with men and now a woman. I love who I love; it’s the person that matters.” At the aforementioned GLAAD event, Amber Heard stated of her decision to come out: “I think when I became aware of my role in the media, I had to ask myself an important question ‘Am I part of the problem’ And I think that when millions and millions of hard working, tax paying Americans are denied their rights and denied their equality you have to ask yourself what are the factors that are an epidemic problem and that’s what this is.” She dated photographer Tasya van Ree. Amber Heard met fellow actor Johnny Depp while filming The Rum Diary, and they began dating in 2012. On February 3, 2015, She married Depp in a private civil ceremony at their home in Los Angeles. Dear visitor so stay with us for getting more celebrity latest photos and all update celebrity news/ celebrity information.


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